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• Ukranian folklore includes charming stories about spiders and Christmas. One story describes the pleasure of a poor family when a spider decorates their tree with silvery spider webs. • In Poland, a Christmas Eve tradition involves watching for the first star (gwiazda). Carolers sometimes carry a gold star on a stick as they go from house to house. Source: Christmas Crafts from Around the World by Judy Ann Sadler. This lovely little book has a variety of easy crafts for children, along with international traditions and folklore. • CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS: The first Christmas ornaments date back to before the Christmas Tree was a tradition. Holly is said to be the first decoration, carried over from the Roman winter soltice festivals. The Dark Ages saw the creation of straw and wood ornaments. With the arrival of the Christmas Tree, the ornaments changed to fit both the tree and the individual lifestyle of each family. When mass produced glass ornaments became popular in the late 1800's the decoration trends changed again. Seasonal sales of Christmas ornaments are outranked only by gifts. We encourage you to share your own traditions and customs with others visiting this website. Please email to: ctfo@christmastrees.on.ca


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Christmas Tree Care

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