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Your Guide to Ontario Farm Grown Christmas Trees

Like cars, Christmas trees come in different varieties and sizes, all with different characteristics. The choice of a Christmas tree, like a car, is personal and based on preferences, requirements, budget and availability. Traditionally in Ontario, Scots Pine and White Spruce have been the Christmas trees of choice. Like everything else however, Christmas tree species evolve and change to meet the changing demands of the public. It's now fairly common for some Ontario Christmas tree farmers to produce "exotic" Christmas trees (species that are not normally grown in Ontario's conditions and are considered somewhat rare) which include various species of Fir Trees(Fraser and Balsam). These species require additional growing time to reach harvest size and this results in higher prices. Each Christmas tree farm will offer species that grow well in its unique conditions. Check our Harvest-Your-Own listings to see what species are offered by different farms. When you arrive at the farm, allow a little extra time to visit different fields and see what the different species look like. Farmers will be happy to help you pick the best species for your holiday season. More Info..


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Christmas Tree Care

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