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In Ontario, Christmas trees are a major agricultural crop. Back when most Canadians lived on farms or in small towns and villages, the Christmas tree was harvested right out of the forest. Today, forests near populated areas have been reserved for other purposes while Christmas trees have become an important agricultural crop. About three million Christmas trees are produced on Canadian farms every year, many of them in Ontario.

Take a trip to your nearest Harvest-Your-Own Farm

Taking the tree to the car


Families are establishing a Real Tradtion all across Ontario. All members of the family take a trip to their favourite Harvest Your Own Christmas Tree farm. Near all major urban areas there are a large number of Real Tree farms. These can vary from large farms with many different available activities to small farms which sell a few trees to their regular customers.

Christmas Tree Farming protects the environment

  • Not long ago, most people cut their Christmas trees from tree stands growing wild in the forest or in abandoned fields.
  • Today, Christmas tree farming is an important agricultural activity across Canada. It provides employment for thousands of Canadians. Christmas trees are a significant export product.
  • Christmas tree farming is beneficial to the environment.
  • Specific agricultural practices apply to the cultivation of Christmas trees.
  • Specific procedures are utilized to prepare Christmas trees for market.
  • Well-managed CTFO Christmas Tree farms:

    On a well-managed Christmas tree farm, ninety percent of the land is occupied by vigorously growing tree crops at all times. Grass grows between the rows of trees. With an average tree production cycle of ten years, counted from the time a seedling is planted, this ensures the farmer a regular annual crop ready for harvest


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Christmas Tree Care

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