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Recycling and Re-using

Recycling and Re-using:

Recycling and Re-using

SOAP • Save the little bits and pieces. Place in a bath mitt or small cloth bag and use as a wash cloth. • Refill your liquid soap bottles with a homemade mixture: Put leftover lits of bar soap in an empty jar and cover with boiling water. Once the soap has dissolved, pour the mixture into your liquid soap container.

CHRISTMAS TREES • A real Christmas tree is 100% biodegradable and will, on its own, break down and return stored nutrients to the soil. Many cities and municipalities gather Christmas trees on special collection days and put them through shredders which chop them up into small pieces. The resulting mulch is then used in the summer on the flower beds in city parks. • A real Christmas tree can be used as a winter bird feeding station. Birds enjoy the shelter as well as the food source. • Large quantities of used trees make effective sand and soil erosion barriers, especially along shorelines. The Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton has undertaken a very successful marshland rehabilitation project, using Christmas trees gathered from the city’s collection program. Many southern US states are using discarded real Christmas trees to control erosion and improve aquatic habitat along inland coastal waterways. • Old Christmas trees stacked together in a forest provide shelter for rabbits and other small animals. Sunk into fish ponds, Christmas trees make excellent refuge and feeding areas. KITCHEN UTENSILS • When the handles break on metal kitchen utensils, you don't need to discard them. Replace the handles with wooden ones - use sticks from the garden, dowels or bamboo. Any type of wood can be used but it must be sturdy, straight and relatively consistent in diameter. If you are using fallen branches, use those that have not yet dried completely as the wood will shrink as it dries and your new handle will fit more securely. Unscrew and remove the old handle. Measure and cut the replacement piece to the correct length. Saw a slit in the end of the wood piece to hold the untensil shank and screw the new handle in place. From "Crafting and Decorating Made Simple" International Masters Publishers • Save empty jars. Wash and remove labels. Use as airtight, transparent food containers for items such as rice, pastas, cereals, grains and spices.

The information presented here is intended for your reference and use. It diees not in any way represent a complete or comprehensive environmental/ecological/recycling guide. You comments and contibutions are welcome. Bibliography : CTFO Teacher's Guide/Education Kit www.greenchallenge.com


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